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Maintenance Tips - Heatsource 1

WATER QUALITY - It is very important to maintain your water quality in your furnace. HeatSource 1 has found many areas in the United States where the water quality does not meet proper standards, for this reason we have made recommendations on the type of water needed to fill your furnace. Please refer to your manual for proper filling procedures.

Chemical must be added to your furnace once per year and a water sample should also be sent to our lab for analysis annually.

Another item pertaining to water quality that needs to be maintained is the Anode Rod. The anode rode is a sacrificial anode rod that is designed to be eaten by hard water. This should be checked at least annually, more often if water is hard.

ASH REMOVAL - ashes should be removed twice a month or as deemed necessary upon inspection.

FIREDOOR, ASH AUGER TUBE COVERS & FLIPPER ASSEMBLY GASKETS - Periodically check the gaskets, be sure there are no defects which will result in air leaks. Repair or replace any gaskets that have become compromised.

IN HOUSE HEATING SYSTEM - regularly check all controls to be sure they are operating correctly. Clean and inspect the heat exchanger, as this will maintain efficient heat transfer. Keeping all systems as clean as possible extends the life of the system.

CHIMNEY MAINTENANCE - inspect at least once during the heating season. The chimney may be cleaned from the top with a chimney cleaning device or poker. When unit is shut down for the summer, inspect and clean chimney to prepare the system for the next heating season. Also cover the chimney when the unit is not in use.

EXHAUST TUBE - Clean out yearly or as needed, with supplied cleaning tool.

**All maintenance tips provided by HeatSource 1 are to help achieve the longest life possible for the furnace and protect your warranty. Refer to your manual for further maintenance instructions.

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